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An Interview with Garry Winogrand (1981)


Barbaralee Diamonstein sat down with Garry Winogrand in 1981 to discuss his start in photography, his choice of subject matter, and his distaste for his reputation as a “street photographer.”

I generally deal with something happening. So let’s say that what’s out there is a narrative. Often enough, the picture plays with the question of what actually is happening. Almost the way puns function. They call the meaning of things into question. You know, why do you laugh at a pun? Language is basic to all of our existences in this world. We depend on it. So a pun calls the meaning of a word into question, and it upsets us tremendously. We laugh because suddenly we find out we’re not going to get killed. I think a lot of things work that way with photographs. –Garry Winogrand

From the American Suburb X online posting on 8 October 2008.
To learn more about Winogrand’s work, please visit his artist page.