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BBC News Reviews Garry Winogrand’s Retrospective at SFMOMA


In Phil Coomes’s review of Garry Winogrand’s retrospective at SFMOMA for BBC News, he discusses the initial dismissal of Winogrand’s posthumous archives, the eventual curation of them, and the discovery of Winogrand’s camera’s focus during the last decade of his life.

Although dead for nearly 30 years, Winogrand remains a totemic figure to many of today’s generation of street photographers. His ballsy attitude, dynamic and kinetic compositions, and refusal to repeat himself have made him a hero for photographers grappling with the challenges of shooting candid situations in everyday life. Always prodigious, Winogrand left behind 6,500 rolls of film from which he never made prints, or even had processed. For a photographer with a reputation for shooting brilliant images from all corners of America this was a massive amount of material which had never been evaluated – until now. –Phil Coomes

From the BBC News online posting by Phil Coomes on 11 March 2013.
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