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Composites Attract: Idris Khan Scores at Victoria Miro

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Idris Khan discusses the influence of musician Glenn Gould on his work, specifically Listening to Glenn Gould’s Version of the Goldberg Variations While Thinking About Carl Andre, and explains the response to the repetitive themes in both music and art:

The Goldberg Variations themselves were written for therapy for insomnia for a Count. I really like the story behind that. There’s this repetition of over-listening to music—over and over again the same piece. The Count himself couldn’t listen to anything else; he wouldn’t listen to anything else.  So there’s something in that kind of repetition that runs along in all the works. –Idris Khan

From the NOWNESS online posting by Toby Glanville on 13 March 2010.
To learn more about Khan’s work, please visit his artist page.