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From the Archives: Emily Colucci on David Wojnarowicz’s artistic representation of Peter Hujar

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In Emily Colucci’s essay “Some Sort of Grace,” she talks about David Wojnarowicz’s artistic representation of Peter Hujar throughout the stages of his death of AIDS. He documented the end of their relationship with photographs, film, and personal journals.

Wojnarowicz, who made a career out of depicting moments that were silenced by hegemonic and heteronormative society, such as his queer sexuality and childhood abuse, asserts a public statement of his private loss of Peter Hujar, who he calls “a teacher of sorts for me, a brother, a father.” As a public and political statement, Wojnarowicz’s use of the images of Hujar dead renders a different perspective on the AIDS crisis, which has diminished in public discourse in recent years. –Emily Colucci

From the Anamesa online posting by Emily Colucci in 2010.
To learn more about Hujar’s work, please visit his artist page.