From The Archives: Robert Adams, Ecology, 2007

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 2.19.29 PMIn this video, Robert Adams discusses the beginning of his career in photography, starting at tract houses in Colorado Springs, up until his documentation of the deforestation of the Pacific Northwest:

Photography and poetry both center on metaphor. My subject has fundamentally, for 40 years, been the American West. The first serious photography I did that had any success to it began in Colorado. Living in Colorado Springs at the time, I started to photograph along the emerging suburban strip. I hiked around taking pictures of the tract houses and highways. I came in the darkroom and printed them and I was really surprised… I thought I was taking pictures of things that I hated, but there was something about these pictures… they were unexpectedly, disconcertingly glorious. And from that grew a project called “The New West,” which really was the first serious work I did. –Robert Adams

From the PBS online posting by Art21 in 2007.
To learn more about Adams’ work, please visit his artist page.