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Jason Fulford

Jason Fulford (b. 1973) has adopted the photobook format as a primary mode of expression in which his photographs build a layered articulation through sequence and arrangement. Many of the questions posed by the work are intentionally left unanswered, and are sometimes unanswerable. The work is about the experience of looking and thinking, inviting viewers and readers to be active participants. His 2008 title, Raising Frogs for $$$ foregrounds a concern with context and the ways that meaning can be shifted and teased from images through editing and sequencing. The Mushroom Collector (2010) continues this exploration, granting chance and intuition major roles. The photographs on view in this exhibition are from Hotel Oracle (2013), his most recent book. Through pictures and storytelling, Fulford conjures the big questions in life—those of existence, the supernatural, and where meaning originates. Starting with the proposition, “What if Earth was still charged with the supernatural forces of the ancient Greeks”, his photographic statement is equal parts earnest and tongue-in-cheek. He is a 2014 Guggenheim fellow; a cofounder of J&L Books; the coeditor, with Gregory Halpern, of The Photographer’s Playbook (2014); and the coauthor with Tamara Shopsin of a photobook for children, This Equals That (2014).

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