Robert Adams: Moving Forward, Looking Back

Alec Soth, photographer and founder of Little Brown Mushroom, annually reviews his favorite books of the year. For his list last year, one reader asked, “Is there one book in your list that changed you as an artist? One of these that allowed you to take something from it that you could use to move forward?” After consideration, Soth named Prairie by Robert Adams as the most influential photo book of 2011. We look forward to Sloth’s list for 2012.

For me, Prairie brought home the fact that I need to sometimes look backward in order to move forward. I need to remember the reason why I first got interested in photography in order to continue photographing. –Alec Soth

From the Little Brown Mushroom Blog online post by Alec Soth on 30 December 2011.
To learn more about Adams’ work, please visit his artist page.
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