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Nan Goldin Talks to Tom Holert

Tom Holert of ArtForum talks to Nan Goldin about her memories living and working in the 80s.  She discusses her “family” constructed of her close friends and lovers and the “desperate glamour” evoked through many of her pictures of the period.

Maybe we were younger and thinner and did dress-up, but I didn’t know anyone who found The Ballad particularly glamorous until the ’90s fashion world discovered it and co-opted it as “heroin chic.” I don’t photograph anyone I don’t think is beautiful, but I wasn’t glamorizing anything…David always said I just photograph things as they are. I just accept life exactly as it is; I’m desperately trying to survive. The pictures came from deep emotional need and connection. –Nan Goldin

From the American Suburb X online posting of an ArtForum article by Tom Holert in March 2003.
To learn more about Goldin’s work, please visit her artist page.