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Nicholas Nixon: Live Love Look Last

Live Love Look Last brings together photographs from the past decade of Nicholas Nixon’s artistic career. Each of the subjects presented—Nixon’s family, couples, Boston cityscapes, and critically ill patients—originated as a project in its own right. In retrospect, however, Nixon realized the four independent series collectively articulated his ten-year photographic journey to honor and give form to the people and places that powerfully move him.

Each of Nixon’s photographs belongs to the realm of private experience. Capturing emotional and physical closeness in both form and process, his images are visual renderings of life’s most intimate moments. Sincere and honest in his approach, Nixon explores the relationships between individuals and their environment and how these bonds are affected by life-changing events such as birth and death.

Live Love Look Last is Nixon’s means of gracefully and seamlessly shaping his last decade of work. For Nixon, it is the supple nature of the medium of photography itself that enables such cohesion: “What you thought would be rigid and cold, is as pliable as a violin bow.”