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San Francisco Chronicle Reviews Garry Winogrand’s Retrospective at SFMOMA


In Kenneth Baker’s review of Garry Winogrand’s retrospective at SFMOMA, he discusses the developmental changes in the tonality of Winogrand’s work, the difficulty of curating the exhibit, and Winogrand’s beginnings in photography. The exhibit is on view until the museum’s closing for remodeling on June 2, 2013.

Like many of his pictures, “Garry Winogrand” comes stuffed with information and, even more, with ambiguity. At a moment of when the speed and volume of images have outstripped nearly everyone’s scrutiny, the show is an education in the strangeness and complexity of photographs. –Kenneth Baker

From the San Francisco Chronicle online posting by Kenneth Baker on 8 March 2013.
To learn more about Winogrand’s work, please visit his artist page.
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