Janet Cardiff, The Telephone Call, 2001/2023 © Janet Cardiff; photo: Don Ross, courtesy SFMOMA

Repositioning Time and Memory: The Telephone Call by Janet Cardiff

An article in VoCA Journal examines the ​planning and work that went into updating Janet Cardiff’s site-specific immersive and interactive work The Telephone Call, after the S​a​n Francisco Museum of Modern Art building where the piece was originally set was ​altered and expanded. Karen Cheung, Joshua Churchill, and Shu-Wen Lin explore the adaptations that were required to address changes in the museum’s architecture, and the​ evolving technology ​that was used to present the piece. They also describe the work that went into making the piece accessible to visitors who were unable to climb the museum’s staircases, where some of the ​p​iece took place, or who could not see or hear the r​ecorded video and soundtrack.

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