Hiroshi Sugimoto, Self Portrait, 2019

Hiroshi SugimotoStar Sphere

Hiroshi Sugimoto is the first artist t​o take part in Star Sphere, an initiative that invites creators and members of ​the ​public ​to ​use ​a satellite equipped with a ​Sony ​camera​ to create art in space. The project aims to promote what organizers call “the perspectives of space”—the longview that acknowledges the vast distances and timelines of our universe, and the smallness of​ our place in it. 

In preparation for the launch of the satellite, Sony produced a series of videos with Sugimoto, focused on the relationship between science and storytelling. In them, the artist talks with an astronomer, an art historian, a writer and an archaeologist, touching on topics related to “the richness and naivety of human fantasies of outer space.”

Learn about the project here.