Richard Misrach, The Wall 1, Jacumba, CA, 2009
pigment print

Richard MisrachExtended “Borderlands” segment

Richard Misrach is the focus of an extended segment from the “Borderlands” episode of the award-winning television series Art in the Twenty-First Century. In the video, Misrach talks about his early work, Telegraph 3 AM, and his disillusionment with the commercial success that the book brought him. Turning from human subjects to the landscape, Misrach began photographing in the Western deserts of the U.S., creating what eventually became his Desert Cantos series. He recounts the origins of his Border Cantos series, which focuses on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and his collaboration with the composer Guillermo Galindo. 

Watch the segment here, featuring additional footage not included in the broadcast episode.