William Eggleston: Recent Work

“Big Shots”, Garry Winogrand’s history of the last twenty-five years, illustrated through it’s major personalities; and recent color photographs by William Eggleston will be on view at Fraenkel Gallery, 55 Grant Avenue, from April 20th through June 4th 1983.

Made along the Mississippi River between 1980–82, William Eggleston’s recent “Louisiana Project” is being exhibited for the first time on the West Coast. Making straightforward and direct use of his 6×9 camera, with exceptional sensitivity to light and color, Eggleston has recorded the unremarked events and places of the everyday South: Missy’s SnoCone Stand, a discarded high school annual, bottles of hot sauce and a Bassett Hound sitting languidly on a porch. All of the photographs were made within a few miles of the Mississippi River, as Eggleston fulfilled the fantasy of every Southerner by making his own modern day Huck Finn journey.

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