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Christopher Bucklow

In Bucklow’s first solo exhibition in the United States he presented two series, Guest and The Beauty of the World, both created with a 30 x 40 inch, hand-crafted camera which records the sun’s image directly onto the photographic paper. What results are images of the sky as we have never known it – thousands of tiny, piercing suns sprinkled across fields of rich, glossy purples, pinks, blues and golds.

Bucklow’s Guest comprise the silhouettes of his friends and fellow artists (including Matthew Barney, Adam Fuss and Ross Bleckner, among others) – faceless portraits, glimpses of the subjects’ spiritual, or natural selves. Bucklow takes as his concern the relationships that exist between nature and man, the organic and the cultural. He says:

I think of the Guest series as an extended self portrait… of Forms I have been, Forms I presently live, and Forms I desire to become. All represent mental forms of the human that I recognize and have sought.  My aim is to make visual equivalents for the human intellectual form – that is for the cultural information that comes to fill our material bodies. My aim therefore is to suggest our mental form – our emotional morphology… our human silhouette.

Bucklow lives and works in London. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, among others.