David Benjamin Sherry

The exhibition continues Sherry’s exploration of psychologically resonant color photography.

From October 7 – November 26, 2016, FraenkelLAB is pleased to present recent work by Los Angeles-based artist David Benjamin Sherry. This exhibition, the artist’s first in San Francisco, will feature 11 large-scale color photographs made over the last nine years. David Benjamin Sherry’s work maneuvers freely through photography’s historical genres of landscape, self-portraiture, and still life. The exhibition at FraenkelLAB is comprised of work in all three genres and draws from four distinct bodies of work: Paradise Fire, Climate Vortex Sutra, Wonderful Land, Earth Changes, and Birth in the Futureverse.

Sunrise on Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley, California, 2013
Traditional color darkroom photograph, 52 x 40 inches

In an era of ubiquitous digital manipulation, David Benjamin Sherry is a dedicated analog photographer pushing color photography into new territory. Sherry works with a large-format 8×10-inch or 4×5-inch camera, and many of the artist’s photographs depict iconic landscapes of the West, made in national parks such as Zion Canyon, Yosemite, Death Valley, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

Winter Storm, Zion Canyon, Utah, 2013
Traditional color darkroom photograph, 40 x 50 inches

Although his choice of camera and subject matter may initially call to mind photographers such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Minor White, Sherry’s unorthodox approach to the medium challenges the tradition of the straight male gaze.

Canyon de Chelle, Chinle, Arizona, 2013
Traditional color darkroom photograph, 52 x 40 inches

FraenkelLAB, spearheaded by Frish Brandt and Jeffrey Fraenkel, is Fraenkel Gallery’s new venue for adventurous artwork in any medium.

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