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Larry Clark: Untitled (Kids)

Clark’s portfolio, Untitled (KIDS), is made up of 15 cibachrome prints related to his current film, Kids. Again taking adolescence as his subject matter, Clark’s pictures are full of the fear, bravado, violence and vulnerability that mark that age.

Whatever happens to you during adolescence has a tremendous impact on your life. This has certainly been true for myself and most of my friends. I’ve known so many people whose lives were permanently ruined by the time they were 15 – their whole mode of thinking is irrevocably formed by then. If they couldn’t get laid, if they had acne, if they were made fun of, if that was the best time of their life and it’s downhill from then on – however you’re treated marks you permanently. (Clark)

Larry Clark is one of the seminal observers of our time. His images document the dispossessed, the socially deviant, the ignoble identity seekers. Influenced in the early 1960s by Bob Dylan and Lenny Bruce, Clark was also encouraged by the work of Robert Frank and W. Eugene Smith.