Sol LeWitt: New Wall Drawings and Photographs

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Sol LeWitt: New Wall Drawings and Photographs from September 9 through October 30, 2004.

Wall Drawing 1137, 2004
a cube within a circle, each with broken bands of color

Visitors to the gallery will be greeted by an intense chromatic experience in two of Sol LeWitt’s new wall drawings. Wall Drawing #1136, described as “curved and straight color bands”, consists of a large curved band of nine stripes in seven different colors that weaves across three walls of vertical stripes in the same seven colors. The fourth wall in the main gallery will feature Wall Drawing #1137 (pictured above) of a cube drawn by trapezoidal shapes of multiple colors, encircled by a sphere of broken colored bands, which measures over nine feet in diameter.  Additionally, a new photographic work comprised of 28 black and white photographs of  A Sphere Lit From the Top, Four Sides, and All Their Combinations will be on display.

A Sphere Lit From the Top, Four Sides, and All Their Combinations, 2004
portfolio consisting of 28 pure pigment inkjet prints on Hahnemuhle rag paper, 80 x 141-1/2 inches (complete set installed) [203.2 x 359.4 cm]

A major force in the Minimal and Conceptual movements of the 1960s, Sol LeWitt has influenced a community of artists, designers, writers and musicologists with his work as well as his thinking. He pioneered the Conceptual art movement, emphasizing ideas rather than the finished work itself. His first one-person exhibition in New York was in 1965. Since then he has had major exhibitions at museums around the world including the Tate Gallery, London and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. The Museum of Modern Art, New York exhibited a mid-career retrospective in 1978 and a print retrospective in 1996. In 2000 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art held a major retrospective which then traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Sol LeWitt: New Wall Drawings and Photographs is presented concurrently with the exhibition Nicholas Nixon: Recent Works, with offers a similarly complex visual experience.

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