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Richard Learoyd: Presences

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present Presences, photographs by Richard Learoyd. This oversized book contains twenty-six powerful and psychologically intimate images. Learoyd’s minutely detailed, large-scale color portraits do not look like other photographs. Made with a giant camera comprised of two rooms, Learoyd’s subject (generally a person, though sometimes an object such as a mirror) occupies the adjacent camera obscura (“dark room” in Latin). Connecting the two rooms is a lens set within a bellows—an accordion-like contraption dating from the medium’s first century. The direct-positive images are generous in size and have a subtle tonal range that is reminiscent of Dutch Master painting, though are clearly portraits and studies of our time.

In addition to the twenty-six portraits and still lives, the book includes a number of details illustrating the particular focal characteristics of the camera obscura as well as installation photographs.