Christian Marclay: Things I’ve Heard

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to announce Things I’ve Heard, an exhibition of color photographs by artist and composer Christian Marclay. Comprised of approximately fifty works spanning the years 1994 to 2009, Things I’ve Heard will be accompanied by a fully illustrated book published by Fraenkel Gallery in association with Paula Cooper Gallery.

Boston, 2000
chromogenic print, 14 x 10-1/4 inches (sheet) [35.6 x 26.0 cm]

Photography has been an integral element of Marclay’s practice since his earliest years as an artist. With an eye keenly (and paradoxically) attuned to sound-related subject matter, his photographs function both as source material for his works in other media as well as sophisticated, subtle works of art on their own terms. With an appearance of casual snapshots, Marclay’s photographs evidence a keen awareness of the history of the medium, particularly of Atget, Evans, and Eggleston. His travels have provided the artist with a rich array of sound-related subject matter; a bin of second-hand record albums in Michigan, a marching band outside a window in London, a painted ear on a brick wall in Montreal, a “Honk If You Love Silence” bumper sticker in Chicago, for example.

New York, 2002
chromogenic print, 10-1/4 x 14 inches (sheet) [26.0 x 35.6 cm]

While Marclay has exhibited small groupings of his photographs in the past, this is the first exhibition dedicated solely to his camera-related photography.

Bavaria, 1996
chromogenic print, 14 x 10-1/4 inches (sheet) [35.6 x 26.0 cm]

Christian Marclay is widely recognized as one of the most adventurous artists of his generation. “The Clock,” his 24-hour film comprised of thousands of time-related clips from the history of cinema, has attracted viewers around the globe, and will be on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from April 6th through June 2nd, 2013.

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