Diane Arbus: Unpublished Photographs

Unpublished Photographs by Diane Arbus will be on view at Fraenkel Gallery, 55 Grant Avenue, from October 8 through November 15, 1980. This exhibition is the first since the Museum of Modern Art retrospective in 1972 to present a significant body of previously unseen images.

Included will be approximately thirty vintage prints dating from 1959 to 1971, Arbus’ twelve serious productive years. Although the popular image of Diane Arbus is as a photographer of “freaks”, most of the people she photographed were, in fact, quite ordinary people whom she met on the street. In addition to this work, the exhibition will present a number of early 35mm pictures, work from the 60s done in New York and California (where Diane Arbus meets Mae West) and a remarkable group of images from 1968 of poverty stricken blacks in their South Carolina cabins. All of the photographs in the exhibition were printed by Arbus herself.

Concurrent with the exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery, Picture Magazine will devote an entire special issue to these photographs.

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