Robert Adams

A selection of rare, early 16 x 20 inch prints focused on the western landscape.

Near Heber City, Utah, 1978

Among other works, Sea Stone & Other Pictures features a selection of large-scale photographs made during a brief window in the 1980s and 1990s when Robert Adams produced 16 x 20 inch prints. These photographs encompass several bodies of work, all focused on the western landscape, our impact on it, and our responsibility to it.

Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado, 1978

In the series From The Missouri West, Adams photographed the last stretch of the American frontier.

Quarried mesa top. Pueblo County, Colorado, 1978
Broken trees, near Box Springs Mountains, east of Riverside, California, 1982

Robert Adams photographed the Los Angeles Basin in the late 1970s and early 1980s, recording what was left of the trees that once flourished in the area.

Colorado National Monument. Mesa County, Colorado, 1976 or 1978
Alkali Lake. Albany County, Wyoming, 1978
Dead palms, partially uprooted, Ontario, California, 1983
Quarry roads, Fremont Peak, Fremont County, Colorado, 1978

In Summer Nights (later expanded as Summer Nights, Walking), Robert Adams recorded nocturnal landscapes near his former home in Longmont, Colorado.

Longmont, Colorado, 1980
The Essential Library, 1970-2022
70 books, comprising 55 titles, all signed by the artist

The Essential Library 1970-2022 brings together 70 of Robert Adams’s influential monographs, including The New West, Denver, Prairie, From the Missouri West, Summer Nights, Los Angeles Spring, West From the Columbia, What We Bought, and the three-volume compendium, The Place We Live, among many others. The collection includes Adams’s newest title, Sea Stone, as well as rare first editions and expanded later editions of other titles. All books are signed by the artist. This unique collection provides a printed survey of the artist’s work from its beginnings to the present.

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