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Dust Breeding: Photographs, Sculpture & Film

Using Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp’s 1920 collaboration Dust Breeding as the fulcrum for this conceptually driven catalog and exhibition, the artist and curator Steve Wolf has brought together a set of disparate and intriguing works from several media. Artists include Diane Arbus, Richard Artschwager, Harry Callahan, John Chamberlain, Susan Derges, Marcel Duchamp, Dr. Harold Edgerton, Tom Friedman, Adam Fuss, Robert Gober, Rodney Graham, Christian Marclay, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, J. John Priola, John Schabel, Cindy Sherman, James Welling, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, Rachel Whiteread and Steve Wolfe. Together the pieces demonstrate how art making can take what is familiar and render it enigmatic; how, in translation from the known world, what is common can become the subject for inquisitive representation.