Nan Goldin: Nine Self-Portraits

Nan Goldin: Nine Self-Portraits features recent photographs never exhibited before, as well as diaristic and contemplative works spanning back to the 1990s. With her characteristic rich colors, deep shadows and lush textures, Goldin shares very personal images of desire, intimacy and introspection.

The exhibition runs concurrently with Peter Hujar: Love & Lust. Goldin is also among the many photographers influenced by Peter Hujar. As she wrote in the 1994 catalogue Peter Hujar: A Retrospective, “He was a magician, he hypnotized his subjects. He never forced exposure, he seduced people to want to reveal all to him.” She added, “He taught so much to me and everyone who knew him…we went through periods of trying to work in each other’s style. I think it changed both of us.”

In my hall, Berlin, November 2013
Self portrait in green, Sweden, 2013
In the mirror at Alberto’s Pallazzo, Venice, Italy, October 2013
Shadow of a dead bird on Simon’s window, Stockholm, September 2013
The light in my bedroom, 13th Street, NYC, 1996
Self-portrait on the train, Boston-New Haven, 1997
Untitled, Boston, 1990
In the elevator at the Bauer, Venice, Italy, October 2013
Sunset on the train, Berlin-Paris, 2012