Seesaw: Portraiture and Play with Alec Soth & Friends

Soth, Matt Olson, and Isak Immanuel explore the portrait studio as a site for collaboration.

For a week in October, Alec Soth shared 90-minute silent sessions with dancers, performers, and other volunteers interested in collaboration and movement. Setting the stage for this work, Soth asked the sculptor Matt Olson to design a set of objects with imaginative potential energy. He also invited choreographer and dancer Isak Immanuel to explore the possibility of the portrait studio as a site for play, and documented the process. Soth returns the final week in November to continue his experiments at FraenkelLAB.

Alec Soth, Untitled, 2017
pigment print

FraenkelLAB, opened in April 2016 and spearheaded by Frish Brandt and Jeffrey Fraenkel, is Fraenkel Gallery’s venue for adventurous artwork from any era and in any medium. Follow @fraenkelLAB on Instagram for the latest news about upcoming events.

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