Guillermo Galindo

Richard Misrach: The Border Walls You’ve Never Seen

For Misrach, Border Cantos expands on years of prior work, covering the entire length of the Mexican-American border, all 1969 miles, Pacific to Gulf of Mexico. He shows us the existing walls that bisect cabbage fields and communities, slice through individual back yards, extend mile after mile through desert and end in the Pacific Ocean. They are a hodgepodge: squat cement barriers, intimidating-towering steel divides, wire mesh, WW II Normandy-style fencing to prevent vehicles but not people. We also see the ‘digital walls’ (8000 or so cameras, 11,000 underground sensors, etc.) the ones that work.

From The Huffington Post online posting on 8 March, 2017.
To learn more about Richard Misrach and Border Cantos, visit his artist page.

Southern California Public Radio reviews new work by Richard Misrach


Artist Richard Misrach and composer Guillermo Galindo collaborated to produce a body of work commenting on the United States and Mexico border. Misrach roamed the vast expanse of the border for five years. By documenting the desolate landscapes through photography and collecting found objects along the way, the collaborative work offers an intimate view into the tragic state of the border.

These things end up being loaded symbols, things that tell us where the country is headed. –Richard Misrach

From the KPCC Radio online posting from 25 November 2014.
To learn more about Misrach’s work, please visit his artist page.