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John Gossage: Visual Art Source Review


A review of the July and August group show “Where There’s Smoke” and John Gossage’s “Who Do You Love”.

The veteran photographer dubs this series, made in the 1990s, as ‘photographic distractions,’ which may reflect the diversionary nature that they had for him. –Dewitt Cheng

From the Visual Art Source online posting by Dewitt Cheng.
To learn more about Gossage’s work, please visit his exhibition page.

Where There’s Smoke. John Gossage: Who Do You Love


The two exhibitions on view through August 23, Where There’s Smoke and Who Do You Love look at a new materiality, offhanded gestures, and emerging visions from the perspective of four contemporary photographers, and in little seen mixed-media works by John Gossage.

Gallery director Darius Himes raises questions about how works were made and exploratory intentions. ‘Is the photographer off-kilter,’ he asks, ‘or is the subject?’ His selections suggest transition, the artists caught in the act of formation.  –Glen Helfand

From the Photograph Magazine online posting by Glen Helfand on 29 July 2014.
To learn more about these artists’ work, please visit the exhibition pages for Where There’s Smoke and Who Do You Love.

John Gossage disrupts photos by integrating distractions

2_Gossage_Berlin, Faces of the Moon_1991_sm

John Gossage focuses on distractions to bring people into his work. The San Francisco Chronicle interviews Gossage regarding his exhibit “Who Do You Love” on view at Fraenkel Gallery through August 23.

These aren’t paintings that aren’t about being anywhere else. Photographs don’t do that: They take you somewhere previous or elsewhere. I wanted to go back and forth between those realities. John Gossage

From the SF Gate online posting by Kimberly Chun on 9 July 2014.
To learn more about Gossage’s work, please visit his artist page.

Where There’s Smoke/Who Do You Love Opening Reception and book signing with John Gossage

We are pleased to announce two exhibitions of five artists being shown at Fraenkel Gallery for the first time. Who Do You Love is a solo show of twelve unique pieces by John Gossage. Presented concurrently is Where There’s Smoke, a group exhibition of four contemporary photographers: Ruth van Beek, Jason Fulford, Michael Lundgren, and Viviane Sassen.  Curated by Director Darius Himes.

The exhibition opening reception and book signing with John Gossage will take place Thursday 10 July 2014 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Artists Ruth van Beek and Michael Lundgren will be in attendance.

John Gossage will be signing his latest book, published for this exhibition, “Who Do You Love.”

For more information on the exhibitions, please visit our exhibition pages.
For more information on Gossage’s book Who Do You Love, please visit the publications page.
Please join our Facebook event for the opening.