Garry Winogrand: Celebrities 1960 – 1980

“Big Shots”, Garry Winogrand’s history of the last twenty-five years, illustrated through it’s major personalities; and recent color photographs by William Eggleston will be on view at Fraenkel Gallery, 55 Grant Avenue, from April 20th through June 4th 1983.

Since 1950 Garry Winogrand has photographed the variety of life in public places, exploring the unique and intrinsic qualities of photographic description. During this time he has photographed many of the major personalities that have shaped our political and cultural climate. “Big Shots” is a compilation of these photographs, Winogrand’s pantheon of heros and villains. The group includes Winograndian portrayals of John F. Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Hugh Hefner, Norman Mailer, Diane Arbus and Lyndon Johnson, among several others.

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