Hiroshi Sugimoto

An exhibition presents folding screens and calligraphic works made with photographic materials.

Brush Impression 0897 (Fire), 2023
gelatin silver print, 47-3/8 x 40 inches (framed)

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of two new bodies of work by Hiroshi Sugimoto. Large folding screens feature photographic depictions of sacred locations in Japan, including the Kasuga-Taisha Shinto shrine, and Tateiwa, a volcanic rock formation featured in folkloric legend. Printed using an experimental approach, the screens fix images to traditional Japanese Washi paper. In the series Brush Impression, Sugimoto paints directly onto light-sensitive paper using photographic chemicals, creating kanji, the ideogramic form of Japanese language based on Chinese characters. In each unique print, the expressive calligraphic markings add to the meaning of the words.

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