Katy Grannan: The 99

The 99, Grannan’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, is the result of three years of work in the Central Valley, in which she revisits the region of Dorothea Lange’s work in California during the Great Depression. The exhibition features new, large-scale color portraits and black-and-white photographs, and is accompanied by a two-volume publication.

Anonymous, Modesto, CA, 2013
pigment print, 57-3/4 x 43-3/4 inches (framed)

In her intensely vivid color portraits, the artist works at midday when the sun is direct and the heat is unrelenting, presenting each individual, often simultaneously heroic and vulnerable, against stark, white backgrounds.

Deb Soaking Wet, Tuolumne River, Modesto, CA, 2013

In the black-and-white photographs, many of her subjects re-appear on Modesto’s South 9th Street and along the banks of the Tuolumne River. 

Inessa Waits Near South 9th Street, Modesto, CA, 2012
pigment print, 48-1/8 x 63-1/4 inches (framed) [122.2 x 160.1 cm]

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