Earache, organized by Jordan Stein

I roll into the flow area and lay into a frontside grind on the extension that is so juicy it scares me. But somehow I stay on it and I’m fine. I love when that happens. I skate over to the bubbler for a drink of water and my brother sneaks up behind me.
“How about this. I’ll pay for all the gas.”
“I desperately need an oil change though.”
“We’ll do that first. We can stop at that place on Duboce and Valencia. Plus think about it, we can skate all the way up!”
“When do you want to leave?”
“Goddamn it. Fine. I’ll run home to get my shit, and then I’ll come get you.”
“Already ready.”
I start pushing out of the park and Peter yells after me, “I love you!” I laugh and wave. Two teenage dudes swing fists at each other half-jokingly just outside the skatepark fence and I’m not telling you that because it’s a metaphor for me and my brother, it’s just what I see.
Tara Jepsen, Like a Dog

Earache is a photographic exhibition about discomfort, balance, and language. Works on view—and possible connections between them—animate a breakdown between the complex body systems responsible for maintaining stability.

Jordan Stein is a curator based in San Francisco. Recent exhibitions include Miyoko Ito: Heart of Hearts, Artists Space, New York (2018) and So I traveled a great deal…, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York (2017).

Richard Misrach, Crying Woman (for K.A.C.), Bombay Beach, California, 2011, pigment print