Several Exceptionally Good Recently Acquired Pictures XIV

Black and white photogram of intersecting rectangles and circles of light

Fraenkel Gallery is pleased to present its fourteenth exhibition of Several Exceptionally Good Recently Acquired Pictures. This unique show allows the gallery the opportunity to present a diverse collection of works, not simply recently acquired, but also the odd-ball, the eccentric, the highly-worthy images that refuse to fit into any other exhibition.

Bowls and Apples, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, 1916
silver and platinum print, 10-3/8 x 13 inches (image & sheet)

This year’s highlights include Paul Strand’s Bowls and Apples, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, a unique platinum investigation of Cubism from a high moment in early modernist photography; a series of Andy Warhol’s photo-booth studies of socialite and soon-to-be art dealer Holly Solomon from 1963-64; a large-scale study of the craters of the moon by French astronomers Loewy & Puiseux, circa 1900; an astonishing double-mammoth print study of the river boat “Nemo” near Ormond, Florida, circa 1895 by William Henry Jackson; and Carleton Watkins’ recently discovered four-part panorama of San Francisco made atop California Street in 1879.

Photogram, ca. 1922-1926
gelatin silver print, 7 x 5 inches (image & sheet)

Also to be exhibited are recent photographs by Nan Goldin, Richard Misrach, and Lee Friedlander’s remarkable close-up studies of telemarketers at work.

Finally, the exhibition would not be complete without its own selection of eclectic, ragtag, and semi-loony images by unknown photographers.

This exhibit runs concurrently with Nicholas Nixon: Lovers.

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