Hiroshi Sugimoto

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Black-and-white photograph of an empty theater with a glowing white screen onstage

Hiroshi SugimotoTheaters

Black-and-white photograph of a calm seascape across the lower half with a light gray sky above

Hiroshi SugimotoSeascapes

Black-and-white photograph of a white trail of light in the top left corner with smaller branches coming off of it on a black background

Hiroshi SugimotoLightning Fields

Black-and-white photograph of an empty abandoned theater with a glowing blank white screen

Hiroshi SugimotoAbandoned Theaters

Black-and-white vertical photograph of a horizontal black seascape with a streak of white light in a gray sky reflecting on the water

Hiroshi SugimotoRevolution

Glass sculpture of stacked geometric shapes with a black-and-white photo of a seascape inserted in the central orb

Hiroshi SugimotoFive Elements